ADACOM is a leading IT Security Integrator, a Certification Service Provider and an Enterprise Software Vendor active in Europe and the Middle East..

IT Security

PKI Solutions

ADACOM is recognized as a leader in the PKI & strong authentication arena having the largest strong authentication installation base in Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria and Cyprus. ADACOM maintains and operates the only two authorized by VeriSign (now Symantec) Processing Centers in Eastern Europe, having the ability to provide a full range of PKI services and related strong authentication services to its customers.

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Network Security and Authentication Solutions

ADACOM features a complete portfolio of Network Security and Authentication Solutions. Products and services are related to related to OTP, Tokens, Firewall, UTM and IPS. Backed by a network of carefully selected strategic partners, ADACOM is capable of delivering a large and complex set of network security solutions.
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Data Protection Solutions

ADACOM features a complete portfolio of Data Protection Solutions and Services ranging from Endpoint Security Solutions, Endpoint Protection Solutions, Data Loss Prevention Solutions, SIEM Solutions and E-mail and Web Security Solutions.
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Consulting Services

ADACOM offers a broad range of services that assist organizations in reaching their business objectives, with a unique security touch.
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Cloud and Mobile Solutions

ADACOM features a complete portfolio of Cloud and Mobile Solutions.
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Availability Solutions

ADACOM features a complete portfolio of Availability Solutions.
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